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Lanxi wheel top cycle industries limited is the biggest chain wheels and cranks manufacturer and exporter in China with the production ability of 20, 000, 000 sets product annually. Our products are mainly exported to Japan, America and many European countries for the abundant technical advantages, advanced process control, consistent quality, taking the lead in the same industry. We have several automatic professional forging lines for steel and alloyed product at the same time import of advanced equipment and technology to organize production as the Japanese JISD9415-2001 Stander.

Our products include 400 specification fitting for all kinds of racing bicycle, MTB bicycle, folding bicycle, city bicycle and electric bicycles have qualified by VIA of Japan, EN norm of Europe, ROHS limit of Europe for above hazardous substance, and pass the test of ISO9001:2000 as

well. In recent years, Lanxi Wheel Top continuously give the first priority to the exploitation of new product, pushing up technology progress for the purpose of further development. We have invested 20,000,000RMB to establish the automatic CP production lines, the surface painting lines, the forging lines, the triplex electroplating lines, and the automatic metal working lines. After putting in and adopting technology for several years, we have got 42 product patent sequently. We have developed upmarket alloyed chainwheel sets appropriate for the international market, especially the need of CTB folding bicycle in Japan. The qulity, quantity and accuracy of our product are in the frontier of the world.

With the principle of “Innovation, Green, Technology, Service”, we achieve the GGTS Management Cycle, and adopt advanced experience at home and abroad continually, devoting ourselves to the development of the same industry.

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